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New blog on the block

Here’s a shameless plug for a new blog – Ireland after Nama – produced by some researchers at NUI Maynooth and other universities around the country. The site “was created with a view to emulate debate on an on-going basis, providing a platform to share thoughts, ideas, comments and reactions around the geography and spatiality […]

Carroll’s City: Mapping the Zoe developments

Property bubbles. Property crashes. Ghost estates. Nama (or is it now the SPV?). The Bludget. The Tiger crisis. Any need to continue? Probably not. You get the picture: Ireland’s woe. One critical actor in the story is Liam Carroll, the man behind Zoe Developments. According to Frank MacDonald, an Irish Times journalist, Carroll was the […]

The geographies of ghost estates

Ghost estates – half finished, mostly empty, still for sale. They are one of the most visible legacies of the Celtic Tiger, and they are littered across the Irish landscape. This new website shows the emerging geographies of ghost estates, with concentrations in the contracting commuter belts of Dublin, Galway and Cork. This, we suspect, […]

Geography, the bludget, and the bad bank

All the talk in Ireland right now is on the government’s latest ‘bludget’ and the creation of a so-called ‘bad bank’ into which taxpayers will place billions of euros worth of ‘toxic’ assets. It’s all thoroughly geographic! Take, for example, the geography of these toxic assets. Minister for Communications, Eamon Ryan, announced yesterday that around […]