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A Pin on the Map: Identifying Healthy Places at Maynooth University

  Walking down a path lined with greens and browns of trees and leaves; sitting in a comfy seat, snug and cozy in our space; or sitting in a crowded room feeling uncomfortable, distracted, or alone. These experiences and others revolve around the feelings of places–how we come to love some places, feel an attachment […]

Using the Dail Debates resource

This is a short post. Just to say this: all researchers interested in Ireland, whether students or lecturers, can gain a lot by exploring the ‘Dáil Debates’ resource available here. It’s one of the ‘electronic’ resources, available quickly and for free, that we are all becoming more accustomed to using over the last few years. […]

The 2013 Failed States Index

A number of African and other Developing World states can be portrayed by some commentators as soft states. In commenting on these, political geographer Richard Muir (1997: 204) notes that “while their boundaries may still define the state in de jure terms, they delimit a hollow shell which central authority is unable to fill”.  States that had […]

Surface Tension: The Future of Water

Launched on October 20th and running until January 20th, 2012, the exhibition entitled Surface Tension: The Future of Water is now on at the Science Gallery in Trinity College Dublin. It’s free to enter and worth having a look at if you are hanging around waiting for a train at Pearse Station and have time […]

Resource wars?

Another pipeline story, this time in Mayo. At this moment, Shell are attempting to bring an undersea gas pipeline to land in Broadhaven Bay, but there is widescale opposition. This Guardian video, The price of gas, has recent images from protests in Erris, including some disturbing shots of injuries to one of the protestors, Willie […]