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Social Geographies of ‘Pokemon Go!’

Videogames can tell us a lot about contemporary society, as demonstrated in this guest post by Gisele O’Connell, a postgraduate student in the Dept of Geography. “Did you know the world is full of Pokemon?” is the spatially-inflected greeting message by grey-haired Professor Williams who invites us to “catch em’ all” on a creative journey […]

Your mobile phone / your tracking device

The idea that our phones allow us to be tracked (so long as they’re switched on) isn’t all that new, but it might still come as a bit of a shock to see just how closely we are tracked while we go about our business. A Green Party politician in Germany asked Deutshce Telecom to […]


For geography tech-geeks, Danny O’Brien’s weekly Wired column in the Irish Times is essential reading. His work often highlights some fascinating aspects of the place of technology in contemporary society, aspects which geographers can often use to develop how they understand technological geographies. This week O’Brien draws attention to China’s so-called ‘patriotic hackers’: the “roving […]

Like, whatever

This post is about, like, whatever. ‘Whatever’, in this case, refers to the increasing ‘whatever’ attitude among students towards formal writing. According to a (well-written) story in today’s Observer newspaper, the ‘whatever’ attitude towards formal writing can be seen in text speak appearing now in exam scripts and essays. This wrankles lecturing staff; but perhaps […]

Geography and network politics

It’s the network age – but politics still count.  And borders do, too. So it’s worth pointing out that network politics are geographic… in fundamental ways. Take the emergence of so-called ‘cyber-terrorism’.  It is sometimes claimed that – unlike the old days of ‘terrorism’ – the rise of silicon chips, databases, and the Internet mean […]

Tokyo subway map 2.0

What do you get by crossing the web’s largest sites, its hot spots, with the Tokyo subway map? Answer: the Web Trend Map. Put together by Information Architects in Japan, the map analyses web traffic and throws the results onto a map of the Tokyo subway. The result, an extract from which is shown below […]