Monthly Archives: May 2013

Pundits and Scholars

I have been thinking about the difference between punditry and scholarship. In one of his novels, Richard Jefferies wrote of an argument which was not a true discussion because each protagonist attacked only the weak points of the other’s position while only putting forward the strong points of their own.

Meet the Department: Adrian Kavanagh

[This is the latest in this series of posts by staff and students in the Dept of Geography…] What do you most enjoy doing in the Department? The spreadsheets, so many spreadsheet…oh God I love those spreadsheets… Er, I mean working alongside our eager and hard-working Geography students and a very talented group of colleagues […]

Eye on the summit: My PhD experience

In September 2008, I embarked upon a journey that culminated with the award of my Geography PhD in 2013. Much like climbing a mountain, it was a journey fraught with peril, numerous blind alleys, moments of sheer terror and the occasional achievement. Finally however, the journey ended with a successful summit attempt and a PhD […]

Video showing political changes in Europe from 1000 AD to present date

This is a fascinating resource – this video highlights all the political changes and boundary changes that have impacted on Europe over the past┬ámillennium. Definitely worth checking out – especially if you are a GY227 student! >:) Map of Europe: 1000 AD to present day