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Thinking geographically about Joyce’s ‘An Encounter’

Published in 1914, ‘An Encounter’ is a short story in Joyce’s Dubliners. An unnamed narrator remembers a day from his past when he and two young school friends long for freedom and escape; they “hunger for wild sensations,” driven by tales of the Wild West, cowboys and Indians. They make a plan to mitch from […]

Performing a Place of Ireland’s Past: Reflections on an ANU performance

This is the second of a series of posts written by Geography postgraduates who participated in creative workshops run by performance and visual artists as part of the MA in Geography. This first set of blogs includes student responses to PALS – The Irish at Gallipoli, a performance by the place-based theatre group ANU, which […]

The geographical imagination of Luka Bloom

There are very many geographical themes and metaphors in the songs of Luka Bloom. (1) If we take Geography as being concerned with, to paraphrase Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859), the study of the Earth as our home and if we follow the common practice of identifying Space, Place, and Environment as the fundamental building blocks […]

Song Maps

“Temiar rain forest dwellers of peninsular Malaysia sing their maps: theoretically, in their epistemology of song composition and performance; melodically, in contours of pitch and phrasing; textually in place-names weighted with memory. They inscribe crucial forms of knowledge in song: medical, personal, social, historical, geographic.” Marina Roseman, ‘Singers of the landscape, p. 106 (1). Songs […]

Top Ten Sites for the Historical Geography of Ireland

1. The Angus Maddison statistics on global economic history: http://www.ggdc.net/MADDISON/oriindex.htm Throughout his long career Angus Maddison worked collaboratively to develop reliable statistics on the development of the world economy. You can download a marvellous spreadsheet with LOADS of data from this webpage – http://www.ggdc.net/MADDISON/Historical_Statistics/horizontal-file_02-2010.xls From that data I produced the graph below showing the share […]