Since 2018, when I began teaching incoming first year students, I’ve tried to promote a bit of a mantra. I suggest that they should try to be ‘ACE’ – that is, be Active, Committed, and Engaged students. – By Active, I mean ‘don’t be passive’ but rather chase after your education: ask questions, at the […]

What began in 2017 as fieldwork for a first year Maynooth Geography student Oisín Ó Briain has ended up as a peer-reviewed scientific article in the open access international journal ‘Water Research’: In a study co-designed with Dr Stephen McCarron of the Geography Department, Oisin went on to conduct fieldwork over several seasons in […]

Welcome to our Milieu. Here you can find geographers talking about racism, about environmental justice, and about the idea of the Creative City. You will find us thinking about ecofeminism, about regional approaches to Geography, and about geological time-scales. You will find us learning through work-placements, through the study of cinema, and the serendipity of […]

This is the final update from Madrid by Emeritus Professor John Sweeney. And so after two weeks of negotiations, COP25 finally came to a fractious end on Sunday, some 40 hours past the scheduled close. As the remaining bleary-eyed delegates gathered for the final plenary, the stands were being dismantled, the protesters had departed and […]

A third update from Madrid by John Sweeney, Maynooth University’s Emeritus Professor of Geography. There are many contradictions at COP25 here in Madrid. Since the meeting was originally scheduled for Santiago in Chile, the organisation of the meeting is rather as if a piece of Chile was transported to suburban Madrid. So, the main chairs […]

This is the second update from COP 25 in Madrid by John Sweeney, Emeritus Professor of Geography here in Maynooth. The end of the first week of most COPs is probably what is best described as ‘peak pessimism’. The public servants have laboured all week in placing square brackets in their text around possible options […]

John Sweeney, Emeritus Professor of Geography, provides the first of his updates from COP25 in Madrid.  The annual Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change rotates around the continents to minimise travel and thus the carbon footprint involved and was this year due to be held in the […]

Head over to RTE’s Brainstorm pages and check out a new article written by our colleague Dr. Lisa Orme. In addition to teaching across the Geography curriculum, Lisa is part of the Irish Climate Research and Analysis Unit (ICARUS) and works on palaeoclimatology. Her research uses sedimentary archives to develop reconstructions of past storminess and […]

This essay by Joseph S. Robinson is the fourth in a series of posts written by allies of MASI, the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland. MASI hosted their first national conference, ‘Towards a More Human Asylum Process‘ in Liberty Hall 5 October 2019 Hidden in Plain Sight: Temporal Tricks and Tuam Babies In December […]

This is the third in a series of posts written by allies of MASI, the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland. MASI will be hosting their first national conference, ‘Towards a More Human Asylum Process; in Liberty Hall 5 October 2019. On Saturday, 5 October 2019 in Liberty Hall, Dublin the Movement of Asylum Seekers Ireland […]