Launched in June 2015, the Dublin Inquirer online newspaper provides insights with direct relevance for geographers with interests in, for example, urban politics, geopolitics, transport geography, social geography and cultural geography. With a weekly publication date of Wednesdays (and a monthly print edition), the paper offers insights into an array of topics related to Dublin, ranging from the everyday […]

There are, in Geography, some people who seem able to churn out books. Then there are others who never manage to, for whatever reason. Although I edited, with significant help from some of our postgraduate students, the two-volume Anniversary Essays (available to download for free on this site), I’ve just recently managed to publish my […]

There are many reasons to distrust or ignore the various league tables of University performance. The rankings of universities are strongly affected by small changes in scores. The measures used benefit English-language, larger, longer-established, research-based universities. Yet the rankings themselves may influence the choices of international students and the reputations they suggest may affect patterns […]

On September 15, at the Geography Department Maynooth University, the Geographical Society of Ireland celebrated the contribution of Emeritus Professor Dennis Pringle to the work of the Society. After introductions from Gerald Mills and Gerry Kearns, Joe Brady of University College Dublin gave a kind, heartfelt and witty review of some of Dennis’s many achievements […]

Signing up for a participatory methods class can be a little daunting, but is also a wonderful learning experience. In this post, Louise Sarsfield Collins – an Irish Research Council funded PhD Candidate in the Department of Geography at Maynooth University – reflects on her experiences working on a public engagement research project with other […]

The Department of Geography at Maynooth dates back to 1972.[i] The first doctoral student, Séamus Lafferty, graduated in 2000 and with the graduation today, 9 September 2016, of Shaun Harrigan, the Department graduates its fiftieth doctoral student. Maynooth has been in the vanguard of developing geographical doctoral research in Ireland, with the development of a […]

Videogames can tell us a lot about contemporary society, as demonstrated in this guest post by Gisele O’Connell, a postgraduate student in the Dept of Geography. “Did you know the world is full of Pokemon?” is the spatially-inflected greeting message by grey-haired Professor Williams who invites us to “catch em’ all” on a creative journey […]